Rent-Sup offers you rental, buying and cruising services around the fastest growing sport

We sell to individuals our 10.6 model with “Rent-Sup” label on. It allows you pto integrate for free the Rent-Sup network and its community to rent, share and enjoy Stand Up Paddle.
We produce customized models for companies to stand their own logos, colors and designs.

We are the first stand up paddle rental network between individuals.
Find your SUP in Europe!
You can also buy from Rent-Sup and generate new income by joining the network.


Get onboard an all-inclusive cruise and get privileged access to the Mediterranean jewels. Your professional skipper will take you as close as possible to places accessible only with paddle, giving full potential to your sport. With 2 to 4 hours of Sup per day, you will go from coves to beaches, from islands to bays, paddling over translucent waters on spots chosen for their spectacular beauty and ease. These stays are for any paddlers as we individualize advice and course.